Big Data Analysis

Company believes that power of data analysis is needed to support our business strategy.
Customers learn both Industry 4.0 and IoT automatically by studying these frameworks that we supply.

Originally, Company accumulated great deal of experience in achieving processing jobs for huge data of logs from Fab equipment.
In our experience human wave tactics was powerless to find the root cause of hidden problem.

We tried this system to analyze above Big Data successfully in a week, when we found the cause of the problem.
The annual saving fee of man power, etc., was approximately \50,000,000.

1) Barbarella, Big Data Analysis

The advantage of using DAIHON is that Data Analysis can be made dynamic and visual with it.
Therefore, it becomes possible to carry out hot procedure, while processing is working, we can work on remedial jobs.

  • While analysis moves, job of resetting equipment conditions, can be done.
  • Loading algorism part of software, while analyzing job proceeds.
  • Flexible analysis scheduling.
  • It is possible to reorganize analysis PC's.

This direction of integrating two equipments is in line with Industry 4.0.
Our two frameworks, DaisyIngrid and Barbarella aligns the same philosophy with Industry 4.0.